We’re an AQIS provider, accredited to handle cargo inspections, clearance and/or treatment for 1.3, 2.2, and 2.3 class of goods. Bris Port Logistics is also an Approved Arrangement Site (Q1243).

With over 20 years’ experience of working with Australian Quarantine legislation, we efficiently coordinate the clearance and/or treatment of freight on Australian imports and exports. 


  • Inspect (Secure Seals Intact)
  • Inspect (Unpack)
  • Metro Tailgate Inspections
  • Fumigation


Our Daff-Biosecurity accredited fumigation contractors are trained to ensure all work is carried out to the highest standard and meets mandatory regulations. 

Our depot has the capacity to fumigate 14 containers at any one time, and our fumigation pads are set up for 20’ and 40’ FCL containers. Upon completion, a release document will be issued so that your cargo can be released.

Some goods, especially those with foreign timber present, will require a fumigation to be cleared by the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment. Bris Port can organise this process for you – simply send us an enquiry.